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Hotel in Jianguo (Jianguo Hot Spring Hotel Beijing), Das Hotel befindet sich in Jianguomen South Street, neben der East 2nd Ring Road, neben dem Ancient Observatory im Norden und dem Ming City Wall Site Park im Süden.
Hotel Design Stil ist modisch, komfortabel und warm.Es gibt viele Arten von Gästezimmern und Freizeittreffplatz.Das heiße Quellwasser, das 1100 Meter unterirdisch abgebaut wird, bringt natürliche Ressourcen in das Hotel. Sie können nicht nur das heiße Quellwasser genießen, das direkt in das Gästezimmer eingeführt und streng gefiltert wird, sondern auch das natürliche heiße Quellwasser genießen.
Der heiße Frühling-Club bietet Plätze für Sie, um heiße Frühling Bad, Spa, weibliche Schönheit, etc. zu genießen. Es gibt heiße Frühling Schwimmbad, original Suppe heiße Frühling Pool, spezielle physikalische Therapie heiße Frühling-Pool, etc. im Club, können Sie einen Urlaub für Ihren Körper und Geist nach viel Arbeit nehmen.
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  • ersdayu
    I can say we are the sport's latest latest personal taxi driver chat
  • tmml0205
    , Though some of the old, but clean and comfortable.
  • asigu
    Spa is not in the lodging house, swimming pool water cooled
  • aiolialation
  • fiona_365
    Great location! facility slightly old, but overall was OK. health is also very good, room large, family friendly, spa day bubble to eliminate fatigue, swimming pool was a bit small
  • carry86
    Overall good health, service is OK, will stay again.
  • gdcaptor
    Good services and friendly staffs. Will recommend both for business travel. Location near subway station.
  • earl82332007
    Hotel is really good! the grandparents to walk is not convenient, lived here from subway Jianguomen super close, gives people a warm feeling hotel. particular rooms or big, bathroom was big and very clean, hot spring water at any time, having family fun, come here next time!
  • freeypy
    Hotel environment facilities are good, but somewhat I to spit slot about; I and two a colleagues two between room, they standard between I single room, I housing in air conditioning forever blow of is cold big winter of whirring of blow, and front desk reflect has they said because Beijing also didn't collective heating so contact I put air conditioning off, but I wants to asked air conditioning and heating not things did? second days a asked I colleagues, they air conditioning normal, temperature is right. so is bully I live of single room? but price also not than theyO low!
  • lienjie
  • dragonwin001
    Founding door station c export walk not to five minutes on to has, location does convenient, opposite is a well-known hotel, is easy found of, room said is upgrade has luxury business between, is big of, supporting OK is TV behind has some, around no what eat of, for Beijing inch where soil of place, this hotel price is good has, four star tone, national came live here, Rod rod of!
  • ccc890
    Busy no chance Spa
  • CeciliaOu
    Hot Springs is super nice
  • m01265213
    Air conditioning turned off, some hot, opening the window was noisy
  • joyce01
    Location is the 2nd Metro Jianguomen station about 30 meters, convenience, good service at the front desk, will stay again.
  • dlmom
    Good location to free up the suite, not bad
  • eric1989
    Very satisfied with everything!
  • E04000296
    Very convenient location, hotel facilities and some old, or big TV!
  • emmaleejun
    Location is not to say that, really good ... but the health situation was not very satisfactory.
  • Citysuper
    Very close to the Beijing railway station, the environment is also good
  • lindajt
    Environment, and hot spring free of charge, but the water is too hot, some people have feet, swimming pool was too cold! breakfast order 50 Yuan from the front desk, dining hall to order 75, child 1.2-meter 41. 8, good milk, other General, eggs are dry! Service staff overall quality good! the room!
  • janson_ma
    Foreign guests, friends, after moving he said was very good, two-tier structure, a very large area, bed very comfortable, all facilities, and convenient transportation.
  • agrcs
    And we think it's great
  • e01078505
    Rooms are very large, very good hotel, close to Metro station. duck and discount Oh
  • jellybonnie1984
    The same room, but it is much smaller than the first, facilities were good as the first time, one of the most silent is to not let this morning moved in! to 12 points! says too early ... ... Not again he got off the train and have to go one morning to report?
  • li626
    Live for the first time, also, is the aging facilities.
  • e00060690
    Environment is very good, service has to meet five-star standards, son to swim every day, we get tired of a day spa, is really two birds with one stone, out of two hundred or three hundred meters is subway station, go out, next time you come to Beijing will choose here
  • e00242997
    Well, for my family
  • angelatsang
    High cost of hotel and Spa
  • janice_806
    Near the Jian Guo men, convenient
  • p048393
    Environment is very good, very close to the Metro station, where convenient, breakfast was very good
  • ggxx85600063
    Hotel was clean, location, will stay again.
  • wangwee611
    How are older
  • yuan2589
    Hotel from founding door Metro compared near, c mouth out to South walk 300 meters around on to has. If selection Metro travel, traffic also is super convenient of. South 400 meters is Imperial root Park site, if Beijing weather good of when also can out morning run about. Metro c mouth out is Observatory, tickets seems is 15 Yuan. like astronomical of friends must to up see of. Hotel the courtyard to the West, West Gate has several small supermarkets, small hotel, but not24 hour. recent 24-hour supermarket to go to Beijing station. Fortunately, not far from the railway station, walk about 800 meters to the West. Hotels West of the yard there is a spa and swimming pool, swim, don't want to, small and 4 swimming pools, 5 times on the head, bubble bath is good, there are so many beauties to see ... ... More than personal luck! see senior is the character of the ... ... Only two days, booking single room, breakfastTiny, 1.2-metre-wide bed, between the desk and the bed just to put a Chair, stuck in there and really working the leg ... ... Sitting on the bed a little ahead ... ... Room was old fashioned radio-TV ... ... This should have changed it! cable TV signal worse, 1/4 snow a lot of TV, satellite, couldn't see. No iron and ironing board in the closet, no umbrellas, scales were mechanical pointer-type alsoCompare. Room small water provides quite a lot of small food. with two bottles of complimentary mineral water ... ... Toothpaste toothbrush is the standard of the hotel, nothing out of place, but it was good. Shampoo and shower gel were Hotel General, might as well use their own. Good WIFI signal and connections are fast, more than 500KB/S. Room was clean. Towels and mats hanging position is not fixed, two daysChange two places ... ... Well, estimated towel wash pad?! Sound insulation between rooms is very good. Under the sun canopy, full of green tea in the lobby bar of the hotel book, chat was great.
  • Bin.xie
    It's not bad
  • E01043456
    Nice, convenient!
  • flyinggirl2011
    Fair price, environmental and traffic is also more convenient.
  • ademonliu
    Hotel service is good
  • catspirit
    The location of the hotel is very good, this hotel many times. great service attitude, clean. There is hot spring. very good. will often. where there is no improvement, as well
  • Price Small Qing Cheng
    From the company, booked this hotel on business shortcomings very old, is a look at the old state-owned hotels, the price felt a little expensive; Advantages from Jianguomen subway station close, but no place to eat around; Service attitude is good, staff are friendly; WiFi very soon; Although not much variety but has replaced every day for breakfast. Just stay the room was too old, especially the TVAnd later for a slightly lower price (four star) the hotel room is very nice, but, in contrast, or Golden Dragon Hotel service, breakfast, health superior, highly recommended.
  • emiss
    Room was clean, there is no Windows. free spa experience, but don't have time to ... parking is free of charge.
  • syyjm
    Convenient location
  • lulu_3230128
    A bit dated, others can also
  • eveyeye
    Good location, public transport, Metro very convenient, hotel are always slightly wet, hoping to improve. can every night to a hot spring, swimming, kids like. Hotel door after selling Rouga and grinding soybean milk, good health, and very cheap without breakfast, breakfast here is easy.
  • jimpopol
  • leo_ap2004
    Front desk the whole no smiling faces, very poor service, raised very impatient
  • xiaowen8
    First time not feeling good, but quiet service attitude is good
  • agito
    Hotel near the railway station, location. Spa is a highlight. breakfast satisfactory. Recommend.
  • fivestarstore
    Room was very big, clean, and convenient transportation, out of the Metro, the environment is good, unfortunately didn't bring swimsuits, no Spa.
  • m05499405
    Yes, environmental protection, air is good.